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Listen. Look. Touch. Smell. Feel
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#Notice what you notice, 

NOW notice what you didn't notice before. 

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*What's Wayapa?

 Wayapa  Wuurrk is an earth connection wellness practice based on ancient wisdom that combines earth mindfulness, narrative meditation through storytelling, a physical movement practice of 14 elements, and taking action to look after the earth, our home.

Wayapa Inspirations' Tasters

Explore the 14 elements of
Wayapa Wuurrk one by one.


If you are new to Wayapa Inspirations let me give you an overview. 


I am a  Licenced Wayapa Practitioners, often called Wuurrkers, holding space to help you connect with the earth the Wayapa Way. 

Each session will be centred around one of the 14 Wayapa Elements. In these sessions, we'll introduce one Wayapa element, use storytelling, a narrative meditation and small group conversations to explore the element. 

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Slow down, enjoy the journey, consider your impact and what you can do to contribute and make a positive impact.  You can and you have the agency to make waves - just like the moon - ride them. 

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